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Thursday, May 13, 2010

How Teens Are Using Their Cell Phones: Challenge 9

I believe these numbers are very accurate. Some people talk to others in different ways via a cell phone. Sometimes people use the technology of their cell phone a lot more than others. If I had to be put into a portion on the pie graph, I think I would be right around the "over 100" to "over 200" texts a day section. I tend to text a lot because I like to keep in-touch with my friends. I also like to use the calling for my family and mobile web when I need to look something up when I'm not near a computer. Most of these numbers seem to suit my friends pretty well. I know most of my friends have cell phones and they say they would "die" without them. Nowadays people tend to rely on technology a lot more than they use too. We tend to feel completely lost if we don't have a computer, cell phone, or iPod right by our side because new technology has become our lives. People are always wanting the next big thing and when one person has it, everyone else wants it. Then, if they don't get it, they feel left out and don't seem to "fit in" or be as popular as the kids or people who have the newer things.

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